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Can I be real with you for a moment? A few months ago, the thought of launching a vision campaign scared me to death.

As I sought God’s direction and read His Word, things became clear. Just like the children of Israel standing outside the city of Jericho, something major stood between our church and God’s best. Those walls that surrounded Jericho, that were so strong that the people of Jericho stood on them and mocked the Israelites, were keeping the Israelites from realizing what God had already given them—the land of Canaan.

God has given our church a vision of making His radical love contagious in Redlands and beyond. Yet there are walls that stand in the way.

God’s answer to the Israelites is the same answer we embrace today. In Joshua 6:7, God tells Joshua to “Go forward….” It was a bit of a crazy idea. They were to march around the city of Jericho. This was not some grand military strategy, yet it was God’s direction and Joshua embraced it.

I have come to the same conclusion myself. The idea that scared me so much a few months ago, I have come to embrace because I see God in it. He is directing our church to “Go Forward…” and be obedient. He is directing our church to increase our capacity for ministry. He is leading our church to the achievement of the vision He has given us—of making God’s radical love contagious in Redlands and beyond.

That is why I am happy to announce the launch of the Go Forward campaign, our obedient response to God’s leading. This effort will raise funds to allow us to expand ministry by freeing operational resources—resources that we currently must dedicate to debt repayment taken on in the early stages of the church.

Our church leadership has embraced this challenge and join me in bringing this message of a “hope and a future” to you. We know that God wants His radical love spread in Redlands and beyond.

Please prayerfully consider being part of making this vision a reality.


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Our Vision

GO FORWARD  in obedience to God's leading.

Schedule Of Events

  • March 4th: Campaign Launch
  • March 12th - 24th: Personal Communication
  • March 5th - April 13th: 40 Days Of Prayer and Fasting
  • April 21st - April 22nd @ 12pm: 24 Hour Prayer Vigil
  • April 29th - Congregational Pledges
  • May 6th - Celebration Sunday / First Fruits Offering

Go Forward: Campaign Leadership


Campaign Directors:
Brian & Jody Bell


Prayer Director:
Chandon Thompson


Events Team:
Adrianne Ashley & Kim Day


Media Director:
Mark Ashley


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